Scrap My Van London

London city van scrapping

We offer scrap services all over London, to begin your scrapping journey use the reg checker below and get your free no-obligation quote.

What areas we collect vans from alongside London

We’ll pick up your van from anywhere in and around London. From Camden town to Greenwich, to Canary Wharf to Chelsea. Wherever your van needs picking up from, ScrapVan123 has got you covered.

Why we love scrapping vans in London

We love collecting vans from the capital city. London is home to some of the greatest landmarks and sights England has to offer. It also has some of our favourite vans. We see a lot of French vans in London, like the ‘Renault Trafic’ or the ‘Peugeot Partner’. Our collectors enjoy admiring the unique styling and engineering of French vans.  With Vauxhall being based in Charlton, London, it’s always nice to see some of their ‘Vivaros’ cruising around their home city.

Contact us for more information

If you’ve still got any questions about scrapping your van in London, contact us and our team will be happy to help. If you’re ready to scrap your van in London, use the reg checker and get your free quote and instant payment.

Other scrapping locations we offer

We don’t just scrap in London we scrap vans all across the UK, including locations such as Manchester, Birmingham and Gloucester. just click on our map to see all the areas we offer.