Written Off Vans

Scrap your written-off van with Scrapvan123’s free collection and instant payment. 

Why Scrap Your Written Off Van With ScrapVan123

So your van doesn’t run anymore, that’s not a problem with ScrapVan123. It’s our mission to scrap any van possible, no matter the condition so that you can get some cash for your vehicle. 

Here at scrap van, we like the scrapping process to be as easy as possible, so that you – the van owner – hardly have to move a muscle. All you have to do is enter your registration plate to get a free no-obligation quote, then you can arrange your free collection and instant payment with us. That’s it, as easy as 123.

How Much Will You Get For Your Written Off Van?

The scrap value of your written-off van will depend on lots of factors, like the amount of damage done, the age of the van, the make of the van, and other factors.  To determine the scrap value of your written-off van, enter your registration plate and get a free, no-obligation quote.