Scrap My Van Birmingham

Birmingham city van scrapping

We know that getting rid of your old van can be a tough decision, but ScrapVan123 are here to help make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We offer competitive prices for scrap vans, and we’ll even pick up your van for free! Contact us today to learn more about our van recycling services in Birmingham.

What areas do we collect vans from alongside Birmingham?

We collect scrap vans from all over Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re in Northfield, Erdington, or anywhere else in the city, we’ll come to you and take your van off your hands. We also collect vans from anywhere in the UK.

Why we love scrapping vans in Birmingham

We love working in Birmingham. Whilst we not only love helping our customers receive great deals on their vans and the scrap process, we also love making a difference to the city and scrapping vans in an environmentally friendly way.

Contact us for more information

Contact us for more information on how to scrap your van in Birmingham, or you can put your reg number down below and arrange your instant payment and free collection.

Other scrapping locations we offer

We don’t just scrap in Birmingham, we scrap vans all across the UK, including locations such as Essex, Leeds and Northampton! Just click on our map to see all the areas we offer.