Scrap my Mercedes Benz Van

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Scrapping Your Mercedes van

We’re a leading scrap yard that takes in all types of vans – including Mercedes. If you’re not sure what to do with your old Mercedes van, ScrapVan123 is the perfect solution. 

To get started, give us a call or use our handy reg checker below. We’ll assess your Mercedes value and give you a quote straight away! If you’re happy with our offer, we’ll take your Mercedes Benz van and pay you instantly. It’s as easy as 123.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Mercedes Benz Sprinter van

When it comes to commercial vans, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is in a class of its own. With a comfortable cabin, plenty of power and a host of features, the Sprinter is the perfect choice for business owners and fleet managers. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is available in a wide range of configurations. Whether you need a passenger van, cargo van, or chassis cab, there’s a Sprinter model that will fit your needs.

When was the first Mercedes Benz Sprinter introduced?

Mercedes Benz Sprinter van

In 1995, the first Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was introduced to the world. The Sprinter was a revolutionary van, with its tall ceilings, high roof, and wide body. It quickly became one of the most popular vans in Europe. Today, the Sprinter is still one of the most sought after vans on the market.

Find out your Mercedes Benz van Value

To start, simply enter the details of your Mercedes Benz van into our online tool. We’ll then give you an estimated value based on current market prices. So don’t wait any longer, find out the value of your Mercedes van today with Scrapvan123!